Then walks in the fresh air are allowed, but without contact with people. Also, restrictions apply to visiting baths and saunas, bathing a child in a bath and taking a hot shower. Parents need to make sure that cialis does not sniff or blow his nose for a week. All these restrictions are aimed at preventing the development of bleeding and inflammation in the nasopharynx. There are no dietary restrictions.

Adenotomy is a planned operation, which means that preparation for it should not take place in a hurry. Before buy tadalafil, it is necessary to conduct a complete clinical and laboratory blood test (clinical and biochemical tests, CASS - an indicator of blood coagulation), ECG, urinalysis. All these indicators should not go beyond age and physiological norms, otherwise during surgery, anesthesia or in the postoperative period, undesirable and sometimes life-threatening conditions may occur.

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Also, the opinion that traditional medicine, in contrast to pharmacy, is completely safe is a dangerous myth. Such drugs have no less, but a greater possible allergenicity than pharmaceuticals.

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Is it possible to treat adenoids with folk remedies. Popular methods of traditional medicine include the treatment of adenoids with aloe juice, Kalanchoe, horsetail, oak bark, sea buckthorn oil and propolis. However, these methods do not have an evidence base that would meet international standards.

In general, with adenoids, the prognosis is favorable. With timely access to a doctor and competent conservative treatment, surgery can be avoided. Standard adenotomy, like endoscopic adenotomy, leads to recovery in most patients. However, the risk of recurrence in this case is quite high - 12-26%. When removing adenoids under the control of an endoscope, this risk is practically reduced to zero - 0.005%.


Adenoids: causes, signs, how to treat, indications for surgery. Adenoids are pathological growths of the pharyngeal tonsil caused by hyperplasia of the lymphoid tissue. The main cause of the formation of adenoids is a bacterial or viral infection that affects the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx and laryngopharynx. Measles, scarlet fever, flu and other acute respiratory viral infections can provoke the growth of the tonsil.


The nasopharyngeal tonsil is located deep in the nasal cavity, consists of lymphoid tissue and is well developed in young children. It is an organ of the immune system and protects the child's body from external pathogenic influences.

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This is a kind of barrier against pathogens - viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances that penetrate from the external environment. Lymphocytes produced in the tonsils destroy pathogens. Adenoids, in contrast to the tonsils, are pathological formations that are normally absent in humans.